Did you know that training your dog can be fun and easy? And – after you learn the techniques – it only takes 10-15 minutes each day!

Dogs are smart animals and all it takes is learning how to effectively communicate with them, and a few minutes a day to get your dog on his or her way to becoming a very well-mannered dog.

If your dog is having trouble at home (ie. jumping on guests, jumping on furniture, separation anxiety, excessive barking, fearfulness, bolting through open doors, etc.), then Private Lessons will be able to focus specifically on the behaviors that you would like to see changed in your dog.

Did you know that most behavior problems can be solved in just 1-3 lessons???

Group Classes are 5 weeks and in one hour per week, you will learn the skills you need to teach your dog commands such as Sit, Down, Come, Leave-It, Stay, Loose Leash Walking, and Polite Greetings. Group Classes also have the added benefit of built-in distractions – meaning that your dog will be learning commands around other dogs and people, which will strengthen his ability to follow your lead in “the real world” when distractions are impossible to avoid!

Training Karma focuses on creating a foundation to open the lines of communication between canine and owner. Methods of positive reinforcement, teaching alternate behaviors for current trouble areas, and building leadership, trust and reliability are the cornerstones to what Training Karma is all about.

For information on Private, In-Home Training for basic obedience, or for problem solving, click here.

For information on Group Class locations in the Indianapolis area, click here.

Training Karma offers Indianapolis residents affordable options to ensure that your dog is well trained, obedient, and forgets all about those doggy trouble behaviors that he or she may be showing right now.

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